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Credits are the number of venues or employees generated - 1 result per credit

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The best local B2B leads finding tool to locate venues, their employees, phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles

Find New Customers

We search millions of paid databases including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate sites and databases in US, UK, NZ, AU, CA and 245 other countries to find you contact details

Grow Your Database Globally

On average you can save 50+ hours per week on finding customer data. Allowing you to focus on your core business and grow sales

Increase Your Productivity

"One of the most useful Chrome extensions I've used in a long time....automatically save the results with loads of data to a spreadsheet. Simply Awesome!"

Paul J. Lange

"The most useful chrome extension I've seen in a very long time. Generate local lists of businesses with useable leads"

"I'm a publisher of a local health magazine. I was already using Google Maps to gather leads but the process was tedious and very time consuming. GoPinLeads is a very user friendly simple extension that shortens hours work into a minute or less. It provides all the information I need to contact a prospect and considering the value of our time, at a very economical price."

Steven Turner

"I can vouch for gopinleads as a primary tool for client prospecting. I was able to close a 4k USD net during my 1st day of subscription.. it continues to grow my leadgen and client acquisition business.. I can't live without gopinleads right now! The tool scaled me from 10 employees up to 50 in 2 weeks.."

Emil Halili

Business Information from more than 250 countries

Unlike any other B2B leads finder on the market, our Google Maps business extractor allows you to search for companies in several countries. 


Gyms, salons, restaurants, hotels and more.

Easy to extract employee contacts

This local B2B leads finder and email harvesting tool saves time while providing an extensive list of results which is effortlessly added in an Excel sheet.


Names, emails and social media accounts


The  results received from the search are divided into into three: 

Business Details

Name, contact details and social media accounts of venues

Name, email and social media accounts of leads

Employee Details

Other Emails

All emails we can find for the business over the internet



Cost per month

Credits per month

Total emails **

Concierge service

Initial consultation

Web App 🐸

Venues per search

Chrome Extension 💻

Venue details

Employee details

Google Search 

Google Maps

* Terminate the plans at any time without penalties

** Numbers are approximate. Emails received including the named (tab 2) and unnamed (tab3) emails in the data downloaded 

Upgrade: When upgrading from one plan to another the previous credits will be lost




















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