Zapier Integration

With GoPinLeads’ Zapier integration, you can link our tools with your favourite web apps to improve your outbound marketing processes. Set up workflows so you can generate leads and email them with a few clicks, instead of dozens of tedious steps in between.

gopinleads zapier integration.jpg

Connecting Apps and Automating Workflows

Zapier allows you to move information between your favourite web apps automatically. Stop wasting precious time.

making outbound marketing even easier

Use Zapier to connect GoPinLeads with your other CRM tools, keeping your lead gen and outreach efforts in one place.

gopinleads and zapier.jpg

easily Build simple Workflows

Link your GoPinLeads with your other web apps (like MailChimp, MailShake, EmailOctopus, or others) so they can share data. With faster processes, you’ll get more done.

say “goodbye” to boring, repetitive tasks

Get your campaigns running smoothly without all the unnecessary “filler tasks”. A few clicks and you’re done.