Making Outreach Great Again 🏁



Cold email is a skill all founders should have

— Michael Seibel, CEO at Y Combinator

Many sales and marketing teams have forgotten 🤔 that true salesmanship isn’t about selling. It’s about informing. More often than not, your customers/ audience don’t know why or when they need a product or service, until they experience it. 

This process of reaching out to people can be done in various ways, although most marketers divide them into: 

  • Outbound: Pushing a message to your audience by informing them of your proposition.
  • Inbound:  Designed primarily to draw (i.e., pull) customers to a company.

So what should a customer focus on; pull (uninterruptive) or push (outreach)? 

The answer is that none of these techniques can work in isolation.

Unlike HubSpot, a popular CRM tool, we do not think inbound is the holy grail. In fact  HubSpot themselves engage in cold emailing, even if they think Outbound is evil (bull💩 ). Hear Jeb Blount in a video (fast forward to 42:50) confirming that HubSpot cold called him to sell him the CRM. Jeb Blount is a keynote speaker and the author of Fanatical Prospecting

At GoPinLeads, we have not only undertaken outreach for ourselves but have done this for 100s of customers since 2014. We believe it works, and even in the era of GDPR, this can be done effectively without breaking any rules. 

Most people just don’t know how to do it. If you are one of them, check out our free tutorials in tools & tips. 

Don’t fall into the traps of propaganda because someone wants to sell you inbound marketing tools. Both forms of marketing work but vary depending on your business.

Try it for yourself and see where it takes your business!