GoPinLeads Amphi: Lead Generation on Any Device

GoPinLeads Amphi is the most extensive AI-powered local leads finder available on all major browsers and devices. Use Amphi to develop a list of customer details including company names, employee names, social media links, and phone numbers.

What makes gopinleads Amphi different?

It includes all the features of GoPinLeads plus some fantastic extras πŸ€“

mobiles and tablets.png

Compatible with all devices: Works on all major devices including mobile phones, tablets, and more. 

more results than google maps.png

More results than Google Maps: Since Amphi was built by the GoPinLeads team, we have written A.I. algorithms which generate more results than Google Maps.

more search results.png

More search terms: For searches like "Hotels and Resorts", where Google Maps generates no results, Amphi is able to deliver business and employees associated with them.



Leonardo W

Leonardo W

This software is perfect for this, and the data is very fresh. The is a lot of apps out there that does the β€œsame” thing, but GPL has the freshest data, which is vital for the outreach.

Jane A

Jane A

Hours save. VA billing time saved. Ability to move on leads cold saved. If you depend on sales for B2B or you are B2C looking for synergy partners, this is an invaluable tool.