GoPinLeads Video Tutorials

We want you to get the most out of our lead generation tool. Using GoPinLeads is efficient and easy - we've built it that way.

There are some more advanced tricks we want to share with you. So if you want to take your LeadGen efforts to the next level, we're here to help.

Check out our video guides below. 


Step by step guide b2b lead generation

This tutorial shows you how to use our handy web-app which is available on any modern device including mobiles, tablets, and desktop PCs. Simply enter a niche and city, region or country, and let the tool do all the hard work for you.


How To Find Local B2B Leads In Any Niche in 35 Seconds

Want to find local B2B leads in a flash? Use our tool to find venues, their employees, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. Using GoPinLeads will save you 50+ hours per week on finding customer data. 


How to Find Employee Details

Search for 300 million employees and consultants in most countries. Quickly find their emails, LinkedIn profiles, social media profiles, and more within seconds.


Email Marketing step-by-step guide to growth hacking

Did you know that email marketing boasts a median ROI of 122%? This is four times higher than the likes of social media or paid search. This video guide shows you how to set up and run effective email marketing campaigns that kick some serious butt!


GoPinleads: Improved accuracy to find venues and contact details

In this video we shed some light on the geo-accuracy of our tool, and how that makes your life better!


GoPinLeads: The Best Google Maps Scraping tool

Why is GoPinLeads the best LeadGen tool out there? Our process of scraping involves us buying data from sites like Google and dozens of other databases! We can help you find local leads of businesses and employees from more than 250 countries  in minutes - saving you several days' worth of manual searching.