5 Ways Cold Outreach Emails Can Lead To Hot Leads

In the days of old, cold calling was the most dreaded thing in the world. It meant only one thing: You had no more leads left! There was no one left to call. No number in your diary of a potential customer. No address jotted down somewhere of a contact you engaged with briefly, who might vaguely be interested in your product. Nada. Zipp.

Cold calling is the hardest, truest form of selling – and it will make you a better marketer. However, in the digital world we no longer sell door-to-door and we don’t use the phone directory anymore. Instead, we have cold outreach emails.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t everyone’s strong suit. We get that.

But it can be.

We’ve come up with some super simple steps that will instantly increase the quality of your outbound emailing.

Dealing with Customer Objections About Price

Dealing with cost objections happens from time to time – people are careful when it comes to handing over their hard-earned cash. Here are our tips for this typical marketing issue.

Ocean’s 15: Stealing Your Competitors’ Customers

Stealing your competitors’ customers is a genius way to make sure you’re getting qualified leads. Is it a little sneaky? Sure. But don’t you worry, you’re doing those clients a favour.