How to Use GoPinLeads to Farm a Local Area in Real Estate

The successful real estate agent knows that there’s one thing they need to do to develop their business in a particular neighbourhood: They “farm” the area.

When deciding to farm a local subdivision, they plant the seeds of future business and nurture them with relationship marketing. In real estate you’re always selling, which means you’re always looking for leads.

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With GoPinLeads, you will:


Have direct access to the most powerful local leads finder on the web (used by over 12,000 sales professionals around the globe).


Choose a set of keywords based on any type of local business you want to target.


Generate a list containing all the contact information you could possibly need (business location, email addresses of both the business and employees, and social media profiles.)

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Network in the way that’s most effective for you, whether it’s cold calling, snail mailing, social media networking, or emailing.

Benefits of using gopinleads for b2b lead generation

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connect with local businesses

GoPinLeads is the best local B2B leads finding tool for locating venues, their employees, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles (including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).


real estate farming with gopinleads

build relationships in your local area

To grow and maintain a successful real estate business, you need to build solid relationships with local vendors. Your goal is to become a household brand, building trust and setting yourself up as the realtor of choice.


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become the local expert

Use GoPinLeads to become a community expert - not just the average local realtor. You’ll know the local businesses better than anyone and become the go-to agent for buyers, sellers, and local businesses.


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start conversations on social media

To accelerate the growth of your farming potential, spark conversations online. Connect with businesses (and business owners) on social media. Share their posts, reach out in their DMs, be present everywhere.


be a better realtor with gopinleads

alleviate buyer anxiety

Use the leads you find to connect home buyers with local businesses. Your referrals will add to your clients’ experience, drive local business, and create solid business relationships with local establishments.