GoPinLeads Chrome Extension: Our Google Maps Scraper

The Chrome Extension is GoPinLeads’ Flagship Google Maps Scraper. Unlike any other B2B leads finder on the market, our Google Maps business extractor allows you to search for companies in several countries across the globe.  

Our Chrome Extension saves you time while providing results (including names, email addresses, and social media accounts) that are effortlessly added to an Excel sheet.

Results received from the search are divided into into three categories: 

Business details – Name, contact details, and social media accounts of venues.

Contact details – Name, email, and social media accounts of leads.

Other emails – All associated emails we can find for the business over the internet.


Inger E.

I love this software! I appreciate how easy it is to use and that it completely integrates with Google Sheets.


John G.

I use GoPinLeads to obtain contact info for Coordinators and people with similar roles on college and university campuses.