Linkedin outreach TEMPLATEs

We've developed a set of simple templates that help you with your all-important LinkedIn outreach.

In B2B communications, specifically, LinkedIn is a valuable tool that is often overlooked despite its incredible sales potential. 

free linkedin inmail Templates

Browse our selection of free LinkedIn Inmail templates to find one that you can use for your growth marketing projects.


Cold Outreach: The Problem Solving Angle

Problem Solving LinkedIn Template

Subject line: [Name], Put an end to [problem]

Hi [Prospect Name],

Your LinkedIn post discussing how your company is struggling to overcome [problem] made me think of others I know experiencing the same frustration.

What seems to work is when companies tackle these three core issues:

  • Lack of integrated systems

  • Manual processes

  • Unawareness about the latest options

[Prospect Name], let me know if you’d like to have a call sometime. I’d like to chat about this some more.


[Your Name]

Remember: your goal is to get a response, so even if the solution is a service offered by another company, use it if it will help the prospect and get your foot in the door.


Cold Outreach: The Web Design & Development Clincher

Web Design & Development LinkedIn Template

Subject line: [Prospect Name], Find out how your website stacks up

Hi [Name],

Your content-rich website is visually stunning but I ran a performance test that shows it might not be loading quickly enough for your site visitors.

Would you like to see the results and how your site compares to the competition?


[Your Name]

An offer like an evaluation that gives the prospect direct value is always best. But even a more generic offer can still prove appealing when presented in the right way.


Cold Outreach: The Giveaway

Giveaway LinkedIn Template

Subject line: [Prospect Name], I’ve reserved this new eBook just for you

Hi [Prospect Name],

Your recent article in [third-party publication] on [topic] was fascinating!

We’re hearing from lots of companies that are curious to understand how their peers are capitalizing on this trend. In fact, the steady stream of discussions prompted my company to conduct research into the issue and publish the findings.

[Prospect Name], can I send a link so you can download this just-released eBook?


[Your Name]

Giving your prospect something they find useful or valuable is a good way to get your foot in the door. Just make sure the topics are related!


Cold Outreach: The Smartie Pants

Case Study LinkedIn Template

Subject line: [Prospect Name], Here’s how to drive X% higher revenues

Hi [Prospect Name],

Your latest company blog post showcases your strategic initiative to do [NAME INITIATIVE]. Congratulations on spearheading such an important endeavor!

As you prepare to move forward, you’ll probably be interested to learn how others in your position pulled off the same project successfully. In fact, I know of [prospect’s role] in three companies very similar to yours that generated an average of 17% higher revenues by using [your solution] to power their new processes.

[Prospect Name], let me know if you’d like me to forward the case studies detailing how they achieved such impressive results.


[Your Name]

Many of us seek third-party advice and suggestions before making a purchase in our personal lives. This is even more important when it comes to making expensive business decisions. In fact, 67% of B2B buyers rely on peer recommendations and 41% on case studies when making a final purchasing decision.