The GoPinLeads Leadership Team

GoPinLeads' team is comprised of industry professionals including ex-McKinsey, KPMG, and Deloitte consultants.

Raj is also the creator of this Chrome Extension:

Raj Anand

Co-Founder and Director

Oversees strategy, project and client management, product development, corporate development.

Raj is an accomplished C-level leader with several years’ worth of international experience in leading MNCs including Shell and European Commission, SMEs, high-tech research labs for British universities, and digital start-ups. Raj co-founded three startups, in technology, and successfully exited one. 

He is the winner of several awards including:
BusinessWeek’s Europe’s Young Entrepreneur (2007), 50 Most Influential People in Digital – Revolution Magazine (2009), Courvoisier Future 500 (2008) and Sussex Entrepreneur of the Year (2008)


Vishal Chandra


Technology Lead and Product Development

Vish is our Chief Technical Officer. A complete tech serial entrepreneur, he has built various wireless systems, internet and mobile products. Having graduated from IIT, Vishal serves as advisor to several venture funds and startups.  

Vish has experience in bootstrapping his own start-up in a high-tech domain. He also has worked closely with / mentored other start-ups and entrepreneurs in diverse domains like Web 2.0, Mobile, Education, Healthcare, Wireless and Telecom.




Kiley Matthews has more than 25 years of experience as a business development professional. She has consulted and worked with household brands like Amazon, EO, Long Realty Company and more in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Having made her mark in the real estate industry within the Berkshire Hathaway group, she consistently ranked among the top 10% high earning realtors in the company and built a portfolio totalling more than $11.5M. Kiley is also involved in number of charities across US and Africa.




Sumner is a director at Deloitte UK, having worked with various strategy consultancies across the world. As an advisor for leading multi-national C-level executives through all stages of engagements, he was awarded the prestigious MCA Strategy Consultant of the Year 2016. Sumner has PhD, MSci and MA from University of Cambridge. 

Sumner has extensive strategy and analytics experience, including proposition design, advanced analytics and pure strategy, across numerous industries, particularly retail and financial service. 

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Catalina is an operation professional with over 10 years of experience in various senior analyst research and operation roles in technology, media and various aspects of management consulting. Her experience is in scaling up operations and matching the demand and supply for research based services. 

As a Philosophy graduate, she has cultivated a genuine interest in structuring knowledge, which led to her leading various research and content analysis projects for over a decade. Her current focus is managing project delivery via virtual and globally distributed teams.