John Graden - Prospecting for Title IX Coordinators

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Exec Director, 


USA Self Defense 


john uses gopinleads to get contact info for Title IX Coordinators on college campuses

John is yet another satisfied client in the GoPinLeads community. It can be incredibly time consuming to find the contact details of Title IX Coordinators and people with similar roles on college and university campuses. 

We're pleased to report that using our tool made this process much easier - and more efficient - than any traditional leadgen approach.

The Company -

John is the Executive Director and Chief Instructor at, a company that specialises in Active Shooter Response, Real Estate Agent Safety and Self-Defense, Teen and College Student Self-Defense, Adult Self-Defense , Children’s Self-Defense and additional Specialised Self-Defense Programs.

The Challenge - finding the right leads on college campuses

Finding Title IX Coordinators on college and university campuses isn't necessarily the easiest task. While a ton of other contact information may be available at a glance, it could take some digging to find details as specific as those required by John. 

Their Vision - giving us citizens the confidence and skills they need to save their own lives

John, who has enjoyed many career highlights including a guest spot on the Dr. Oz Show, aims to give US citizens of all ages and creeds the tools they need to protect themselves in a crisis. 

gopinleads simplifies highly specific lead generation processes

GoPinLeads made the prospecting process infinitely easier. John was able to find the contact information he required in next to no time, and is now able to apply the tool to various other campaigns. 

We're confident that GoPinLeads will continue to help Abe and his team and can't wait to check in again for another update in the near future!