How to Use GoPinLeads to Find Leads in Your Industry

GoPinLeads offers fast and reliable information about any type of leads within your industry, with the freedom and flexibility that you require. If you are new to GoPinLeads, or if you are still figuring out how to get the best out of your account, here is a quick crash-course on how to go about using the various tools that we offer.

How to Use the GoPinLeads Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome extension for GoPinLeads is a fairly straightforward tool that can be used to find leads in a specific area. This tool works alongside Google Maps, and when you open the extension, you will be given instructions on how to proceed. These instructions are as follows:

  1. Conduct a Google Search
  2. Search Results Exported into GoPinLeads Extension
  3. Navigate Google Map Searches to Import Results


In the search, you should choose a business category and location. This will, of course, depend upon what you are looking for in terms of leads. You can be rather general, for example, by searching for ‘lawyers in South America’, or you can be more specific with your search, such as ‘antique porcelain doll makers in Mount Vernon, Illinois. ’ Whichever you may choose, the search should be done in the Google Maps search bar.

Once you have conducted your search and received your results, you should go back to the extension, which will then give you the GoPinLeads system. This system will be your guide through the other steps.

One of the things that GoPinLeads offers is a report with the leads’ contact details. You must then choose how you want to receive these details. You have the option to select “all contact details,” which includes email, social media, and phone numbers. Should you select this option, you will only be charged for one email per lead, while the rest of the information is free (which is an excellent price). However, you do have the option of choosing “just email,” in which case you will be charged for all of the email addresses for each lead, should they have more than one. We recommend the first option, as the information provided about their social media and phone contacts can be vital for modern business.


After making your decision, click “Capture My Google Maps Results, ” which will allow GoPinLeads to sift through the search results and display them for you. The system allows you to bulk select the number of leads you want, which can either be chosen from the categories provided, or by manually inputting the number you want. Once you have selected the number of leads that you want, click “continue” to proceed to the next section.

The next section will allow you to refine your search to better match your needs. You can also remove any leads that do not match your refined search, making your choices more suitable. You also have the option to manually deselect any leads that you have either contacted before, or you feel you do not wish to contact. Once the tool has finished refining your search, you can select the “finish” button.


You will be given a summary of the report that you are about to receive, and if you are happy, click “create report”. Should you wish to change anything, you can click “back to review” in order to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, if you are really not happy with the search at all, you can click on “cancel and start a new search”. The report will be emailed to you, and you will be able to view it in your GoPinLeads web app profile. Furthermore, you are able to download the report in an Excel file, or view it as a Google Sheet, for all your glorious spreadsheet needs.

How to Use the GoPinLeads Web App to Search Leads

Search Leads

If you want to search for leads using the GoPinLeads web app, make sure that you choose the “search leads” tab in the menu of options. You can then use this option to select a business sector and location, much like before. And again, you will have to choose between “all contact details” and “just email”. The cost is the same as before, which makes the choice much easier. Once you have made your choice, click on “search”.

The web app will load all search results for you, and you can control your search by using the control options provided on the app. For example, the “autoload” toggle will allow the app to continue loading results while you work with the “bulk selection” box in the same way mentioned above. The freedom of choice here is completely yours, and the bigger the number you choose, the more information will be captured.

Once again, you can manually deselect any of the leads, should you decide they are not what you are looking for. Once the tool has completed its process, click on the “continue” button. You can refine your search in any way that you choose, even if it is the most finite of details. Once the results are finalised, click on the “finish” button.

Leads Report

You will then be taken to your report summary, which has the same options as in the Chrome extension. If you are happy with the information provided, you can click on “generate report”. Again, you can download the report as an Excel file, or use Google Sheets. You will always be able to access the original reports in the “Reports” tab in the menu on the app. However, you can make any changes to the report by making a copy in Google. You can make as many notes in your copy as you like, without changing the original.

GoPinLeads Dashboard

The GoPinLeads Dashboard is the hub of information for anything you may need related to GoPinLeads. It’s a good idea to bookmark it for ease of access. The Dashboard provides an overview of your recent reports and recent activity. It also provides options for where to go within the app itself, along with the business tools. There is a menu bar that gives you direct access to the various tools and locations. There is also a credit count at the top of the page.

Buying Credits

Buying new credits is easy, and you can buy packs of 100 credits, the number of which you can control each time you buy. It is important to remember that your credits are only valid until the beginning of the next month, so you should use them before they expire. Furthermore, once they are purchased, they cannot be refunded. Thankfully, you can make good use of your credits by generating reports through any of the above mentioned tools.

Account Information

The Dashboard also gives you access to your account, which provides you with all your vital information. This includes the plan that you are on and the chance to enter a promotion or discount code. Your billing and shipping information is stored under the ‘‘my account’’ section. It can be changed if and when it is needed. The ‘’pricing and plans’’ section gives you information about the various plans offered by GoPinLeads, and what they entail. You can contact the sales team with just a click, should you require any information or assistance. Developer enthusiasts are given information on the API through the ‘’developers’’ section.

GoPinLeads offers a ‘’refer and earn’’ program that gives you the chance to earn extra credits for referrals. When you refer us to a friend, they can use your code for free credits. This will then give you extra credits when they sign up.

Thank You for Joining Us

Hopefully the information provided has given you a better understanding of how to use GoPinLeads. These tips should also help you to get the most out of your account. We also encourage our clients to join the GoPinLeads community on Facebook. It offers the opportunity to be involved with our teams, and with other like-minded businesses and individuals.You will be at the forefront of new information and offers, while making sound business connections. If you need any help at all, simply hit the mail icon at the bottom of any of the GoPinLeads pages, and we will get back to you promptly.