How to Generate Leads on Facebook

According to Hubspot, Facebook reportedly attracts more than 1.5 billion users per day. As the platform gained popularity, more and more businesses turned to social experts for advice on how to generate leads on Facebook,  improve audience engagement and boost their reach. Unfortunately, this has lead to an over-saturation of self-promotional drivel, paid ads and boosted campaigns – most of which yield less than ideal conversion rates.

In addition, Facebook changes their algorithms more often than some people change their socks. Though done with the best of intentions, to create a better user experience for normal people, it has put a wrench in the works of many a marketer. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Facebook is useless for lead generation. With so many daily users, you would be a fool to ignore the platform’s capabilities. 

Important Tips for Using Facebook for Business

1. Use Your Page with a Purpose

Facebook is a great tool for engaging with new audiences and building brand loyalty. While commenting and engaging with other posts is a good way to drive traffic to your business’s page, don’t just spam your page link in every comment. Join conversations when appropriate, and do it as organically as possible. 

2. Have Some Authority

Similar to our first point, you should only post to Facebook if you have something good to say or can post something which highlights the quality of your product or service. Post links to informative eBooks or blogs, infographics and even your favorite reviews from past customers. Most importantly, don’t just post for the sake of posting.

Also ensure that you use high-resolution images for your logo and banner. 

3. Don’t Forget to Engage with Your Audience

When you’re looking to generate leads on Facebook, it’s easy to focus solely on growing your audience while leaving your current followers sitting idly by. Social media is a good place to build brand loyalty and find your brand champions. Get your audience engaging with your brand by posting engaging content that is relevant to your industry, and be quick to respond to comments. You want to start a conversation with your followers, and not just post sales-orientated content. 

Another good way to engage with audiences is to join local Facebook groups (or start your own). By being helpful and creating genuine relationships by providing value can help to create a sense of trust associated with your brand. This can provide much higher ROI than just blindly boosting posts.

Five Ways to Generate Leads on Facebook

Share Links to Gated Content

Exactly what is sounds like, gated content is content which is hidden behind a virtual gate. Providing the content is valuable enough, like an eBook or industry report, users should be willing to provide some basic contact information in order to access it. 

One good way to generate leads on Facebook is to share links to landing pages which feature this gated content. Readers can then decide whether the content is valuable enough to provide their information. Of course, some readers will click away before filling in the form, but those who are willing to part with their information are inherently more sales-qualified. You probably don’t want to try and sell your products and services who is so unsure of their interest that they aren’t even willing to give you their email address.

Make sure to experiment with which type of content works best for your particular audience. Analyis by eMarketer has shown that webinars, case studies and white papers are generally the most effective. You should also experiment with the layout of your landing pages, as well as the form fields users are required to fill.

emarketer analysis - generate leads on facebook

Run Contests

When running a competition to generate leads on Facebook, there are a few things to remember:

  • The prize should be valuable enough that people will actually be interested in entering
  • The value of your prize should be specific to your potential customers. 

While the prize should be valuable enough to draw entries, it shouldn’t be so generically valuable that everyone will enter the contest regardless of whether or not they’re interested in your business specifically. For instance, many Youtube influencers host competitions in which the prize is a MacBook or iPhone. While this may net them an initial boost in subscribers, their actual viewership probably won’t increase by much. Those who subscribed to win the competition are only interested in the MacBook, and not the influencers content.

Similarly, too valuable a prize on your Facebook competition and you’ll receive loads of contact information and very few qualified leads.

So, what is a good prize? Some possibilities include an upgrade to a higher tier of your service, or an extended product trial. These types of prizes will only be valuable to those who are already interested in your company. For businesses who sell physical products, giving away the products themselves could also be a good solution.

How to Generate Leads on Facebook with your Contest

Enter by sharing/liking/following

These are the easiest types of contests for people to enter, and you’ll probably receive a large number of entries. Unfortunately, you’ll only receive information that is already publicly available. This includes their full name and possibly their date of their birth. One downside of this type of contest is that Facebook may view it as spam and consequently decrease your organic reach.

Click through to a landing page

Leads generated from this type of contest will be far more qualified, and come with more contact information. Unfortunately, the extra steps involved also mean you’re likely to receive fewer entries and thus fewer leads. 

Use Facebook’s Advertising Tools

Organic social media posts can and should be targeted to a certain extent. However, social media advertising takes this targeting to the next level. With paid social media ads, you can show your content to very specific audiences, gathering lead data from exactly the audience you’re looking for. As an added bonus, being laser-focused in your targeting is a good way to keep your advertising costs low and avoiding wastage. 

The best way to generate leads on Facebook, using paid ads to direct users to gated content on a landing page enables you to generate high-quality, sales-ready leads. 

Facebook also has many tools specifically designed to make lead generation easy. Besides multiple ad formats for different purposes, Facebook also offers the ability to collect leads within the platform.  

Facebook Lead Ads

A specialized ad format which offers a low barrier to entry and requires very little commitment, Facebook Lead Ads give potential customers a way to give you their information without leaving Facebook. Similar to gated content on a landing page, these Lead Ads allow users to exchange their contact information for something valuable. This could be a newsletter, a whitepaper, or even a visit to a showroom to chat to a sales person. 

An advantage of Facebook Lead Ads is that Facebook automatically populates the form fields, meaning users can submit their details with just a few clicks. This creates a very low barrier to entry, which may dramatically increase the number of leads you receive. While you can edit which fields the form displays, it is important to remember that the more fields a form has, the less likely people are to fill it in. Get enough information for the lead to be useful. 

generate leads on Facebook

Facebook Lead Ads can even connect directly to your mail program or CRM.

Instagram Lead Ads

Being owned by Facebook, Instagram also shows Facebook Lead Ads, provided they meet design requirements. However, the ads do perform differently on Instagram than on Facebook. Instagram only populates forms with full name, phone number, email and gender. Additional information will have to be typed in.

As Instagram Lead Ads only appear on mobile, and it can take up to 40% longer to complete a form on mobile, you should only request absolutely vital information. 

Use Facebook Custom Tabs

Data from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has shown that 66% of millenials who follow brands on Facebook do so to receive discounts or coupons, while 37% do so to take part in contests. This is good news for marketers, as these are all excellent ways to generate leads on Facebook. 

Custom tabs are menu items for your Facebook page – above and beyond the standard Photos, Events and About. These custom tabs can be used to highlight special offers and contests, and any other lead generation tools. Facebook page apps can also help you to create custom tabs which include lead generation forms without the need for any coding knowledge. 

facebook custom tabs - generate leads on facebook

Host a Webinar or Live Video

In our section on gated content, we mentioned that webinars are one of the best-performing content types in the B2B market. Facebook Live videos are also an excellent tool to generate leads on Facebook. 

There are two ways to utilize webinars and Live video for lead generation. Firstly, you can gate the content behind a form, requiring your audience to register in advance by providing their contact information. Alternatively, you can open the video to a wide audience and generate leads in the following ways:

  1. During the video, you can direct viewers to contests, special offers or other lead generation tools like landing pages or custom tabs on your Facebook page.
  2. You can encourage interaction on your live video by offering incentives for audience participation. Follow up with those who leave comments by directing them to relevant resources or encouraging them to connect with your team. As these users will have already expressed an interest in your content, this post-video interaction could help to generate leads. 

One thing to note is that more niche videos will likely generate fewer leads than those with broad appeal, but those leads will likely be more marketing and sales-qualified. 

In a Nutshell

It is not difficult to generate leads on Facebook, and there are many tools and strategies that can show amazing results. As with any marketing effort, it is important to experiment to find what works for your business. No two companies are the same, and what works for one may not work for the other.

What Facebook lead generation strategies have worked for you?