Emil Halili - B2B Prospecting in the Roofing Sphere

Emil Halili

CEO, Roofers Capital


Emil makes $4k on day one with GoPinLeads

Who doesn't love a good success story? We're particularly fond of seeing our clients succeed. We're not being cheesy when we say "your happiness is our happiness" - it's the truth. 

Emil shared his success story with us relatively early on in our journey and we were amazed by the results. 

The Company - Roofers Capital

Emil and the team at Roofers Capital work on lead generation campaigns for businesses in the roofing, plumbing, and real estate industries.

By zoning in on high conversion leads, they help their clients to convert more and scale their businesses. 

The Challenge - Automating B2B Prospecting

Every business relies on finding paying clients - that much is obvious. 

Finding leads the old-fashioned way can take days, eating into valuable time that could be spent on providing your service to actual clients. This is the boat Roofers Capital were in. 

Their Vision - Serve More Clients and Disrupt the Market

Emil is passionate about business development and creating client relationships. Roofers Capital's biggest aim is to help their own clients increase productivity and profit through a groundbreaking, disruptive approach to lead generation campaigns. 

GoPinLeads to the Rescue

Two hours into using GoPinLeads for the first time, the sales team at Roofers Capital went through the roof (we take his word for it). 

They closed 6 clients in what seems like the blink of an eye!

Feeling a little hesitant to join in on the cheering without some proof, Emil requested a screenshot of the company's PayPal. When he saw that shiny $4k sitting in the account, he realised they hadn't achieved that level of sales conversions in such a short period of time EVER.

We're so excited to see how GoPinLeads continues to help Emil and his team and can't wait to check in again for an update soon!