5 Places to Implement Sales Force Automation

Though marketing will always have a largely human-centric component, the sales process has undergone some drastic changes over the last couple of decades. The digital sphere has made it easy for business to be done online. Customers walk through stores from the comfort of their couch and buy their goods at the click of a virtual button.

Because of the rapid advancement of mobile technology and the way in which shoppers have adapted to it, many companies resorted to introducing SFA systems into the workplace. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the process of incorporating and fully integrating automated systems into your business with the aim of managing your sales force and regulating the entire process. This is normally done by means of online systems and specifically-designed software tools.

5 Ways Cold Outreach Emails Can Lead To Hot Leads

In the days of old, cold calling was the most dreaded thing in the world. It meant only one thing: You had no more leads left! There was no one left to call. No number in your diary of a potential customer. No address jotted down somewhere of a contact you engaged with briefly, who might vaguely be interested in your product. Nada. Zipp.

Cold calling is the hardest, truest form of selling – and it will make you a better marketer. However, in the digital world we no longer sell door-to-door and we don’t use the phone directory anymore. Instead, we have cold outreach emails.

Importance of Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Costs

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C operation, you have a customer paying for a service or a product. While the aim of any business should be to increase sales while reducing costs, the true power of a successful business lies in better understanding the information they already possess.

For any startup company or accomplished international corporation, from SaaS to e-commerce to manufacturing, there can be annoying terminology and acronyms for every facet of the business, and getting to know all of them can be a tough ask for even the most accomplished analyst or strategist.

While the addition of unnecessary business lingo should be discouraged, there are some that simply can’t be scrapped from the workplace. Acronyms like KPI, CPA, and others, all have their place. In this post, we look at the CAC and CLV metrics and how they can aid in business growth.

Understanding the Stages of the Sales Funnel

Every business begins with an idea and passion. The entrepreneur who has the idea is an expert in their field and knows that the company will work and that the market will respond well. Unfortunately, when they are asked “So, how are you going to get customers?” these eager newbie business owners stop dead in their tracks and say “I honestly don’t know”.

Starting a business is very difficult and one of the most challenging aspects in this process is finding a customer base who will buy your products and/or services. However, once you’ve adequately defined who you want to sell to, you’re halfway towards closing those vital sales. You can then direct your marketing towards these people to spark interest in them about you and your company.

To get you the other part of the way, you need to understand the sales funnel and how you can leverage this for your business.

Effective Lead Nurturing Strategy for 2019

It’s a fact that the sales industry has always been a competitive arena with everyone vying for the same thing: attention.

Now as one thing leads to another, it’s important to know where to start – eads! They are your starting point, your driving point, the point itself – they are your clients and without them you needn’t bother. 

In marketing terms a “lead” is a potential client or buyer and a qualified lead is one that is willing and able to buy. All over the world salesmen and women spend their time sourcing these leads, qualifying them and nurturing them all the way to the bank. Which is not as easy as it sounds because recent stats have shown that up to 65% of marketing companies admit that generating traffic and qualifying leads is their hardest challenge. 

How to use LinkedIn Effectively for Sales Prospecting

Recent statistics show that LinkedIn has over 260 million monthly users. 44% of users on this social media platform take home more than US$75 000 a year. Given this increased financial muscle, it makes sense for companies to use LinkedIn as a lead-generation tool to stimulate their organisation’s sales.

LinkedIn is an especially valuable tool for you to use to generate leads (or prospect for sales) if you’re in the business-to-business (B2B) space because a total of 61 million people on this platform are senior-level influencers.  40 million people can make buying-related decisions for their company.

Here are five effective ways of using LinkedIn as part of the lead generation strategy for your business.

Facebook Marketplace for Business: Are You Using It?

How much time do you really spend on Facebook each day? Are you using it for the benefit of your business? You’d be surprised at how much you can do in terms of sales by making use of the features you’re offered FREE of charge.

How to Find New Clients (and Keep Them)

Here’s the biggest secret to winning new business:
There is no ONE secret to scoring new clients.

Face it:
Onboarding new clients that stick around takes time. It takes weeks (maybe months) of hard work, effort, and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Or rather, shortcuts won’t help you bag the customers you really want.

The three cornerstones of scoring new clients are simple:

  • Focus

  • Planning

  • Patience

It’s all about developing habits that will help you build a solid reputation.

How to Build a Successful Relationship Between Your Digital Marketing Agency and New Clients

Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-growing industry.

It’s a highly competitive, ever-growing sphere to work in – but of course, you probably know that.

Because of the industry’s highly disruptive nature, client-agency relationships are fairly complex.

There are, however, smart ways to build a successful relationship between your digital marketing agency and any new clients you onboard.

It’s all about setting realistic expectations, communicating, and staying as transparent as possible.

How to Improve Facebook Engagement

Facebook is far from dead.

It grew another 18% in the last year alone, pushing it further ahead of any other potential competitor.

And people are still devoting at least an hour each day to checking out what their family and friends are up to.

The problem, though, is that the volume of content being published to Facebook continues to explode.

That means that the network has gotten even more aggressive in policing the information, filtering out the irrelevant stuff so that users aren’t completely bombarded the moment they sign in.

But that also means your ability to reach your own fans is fading. Facebook itself has even admitted you might not be able to reach any of them one day!

Fortunately, there are still a few steps you can take to reclaim the fans that you worked so hard to attract.