You Need a Lead Nurturing Strategy

Do you have a lead nurturing strategy? If not, you’re doing your business a disservice. The sales industry has always been a competitive arena, with everyone vying for the same thing: attention. In sales, it’s important to know where to start – leads! They are your starting point, your driving point, the point itself. They […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 – SEO Part 1

2020 has definitely been an interesting year, and most marketers are scrambling to stay on top of things. It’s been a year like no other, honestly, and current events are profoundly influencing digital marketing trends. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe in Antarctica, this laundry list of troubles should sound familiar to […]

How to Achieve Instagram Followers Growth Without Buying Followers

Even if you know your Instagram content is great, it can be difficult to stay motivated when you don’t see Instagram followers growth. Everything feels better when you get 10 000 likes. Whether you’re trying to advance your Etsy business or become a social media celebrity, it can be tempting to look for shortcuts for […]

How to Create Effective Follow-up Email Marketing Campaigns

To be sustainable, a business need to make sales. To make these sales, the organisation needs to attract people who are interested in what the company offers to clients. There are several ways in which leads can be generated (in our article, entitled Lead Generation 101: All You Need is a Vision and Visual Content we share what the foundation of a good lead generation strategy is). Some of these leads are hot, which means that you don’t need to do much to convince them to buy from you. Some of these leads are lukewarm, which means that they are interested but need more convincing about your company and what you offer. The trick is that you need to convert these lukewarm leads to paying customers so that they don’t turn off your offerings entirely and go to your competitors.

Brand Name Strategy VS Content Strategy – How The Glove Fits The Hand

So we’ve all heard of brand name strategies and we’ve all heard of content strategies. But despite what most may think they are not actually the same thing. It’s true that they fall under the same umbrella strategy yes, but in truth their differences are as great as the textures and uses of the shaft vs the canopy, they make up one very useful item but are used and understood differently while at the same time still connecting and supporting each other.

This is the very nature of business strategy when done right. Different components all working singularly in a greater master machine, all independent in their importance yet moving together like cogs in an engine.

So in our quest to oil up those gears, let’s start by examining how they fit together.

Dealing with Customer Objections About Price

Dealing with cost objections happens from time to time – people are careful when it comes to handing over their hard-earned cash. Here are our tips for this typical marketing issue.

GDPR Policy: Friend or Foe to Email Marketers?

GDPR. You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen the acronym around town, and you’re worried. We get it. Here’s why you shouldn’t be.