The Top Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Industry experts explore the email marketing trends set to impact your strategy in 2021 and consider how COVID-19 has permanently and positively changed email marketing. In 2020, developments in email marketing had to undergo a rapid transition, like so many aspects of our work and personal lives. Email marketers have adapted to the new year […]

Why You Should Never Buy an Email List

And how to build your own.  When you first get started with email marketing, it can be very tempting to just buy an email list. After all, you just need to buy the list and start sending off marketing emails. That sounds like a profitable shortcut. Unfortunately, there’s always a catch with shortcuts in marketing. […]

Introduction to Email Marketing Automation

Despite the hundreds of other marketing methods and channels available nowadays, email marketing is still one of the most effective. While once-off campaigns, regular email blasts and newsletters will always have a place, email marketing is constantly evolving, and email marketing automation is where it’s at right now.  Most digital marketers have recognised the need […]

Lead Nurturing Campaign Best Practices

We have already discussed the fact that around 50% of the leads you generate will not be ready to buy when you initially contact them. So what do you do with those leads? If the current answer is “nothing”, you’re losing out on many potential sales., building trust along the way. Lead Nurturing Campaign Do’s […]

The Email Marketing Trends Shaping 2020

The world outside of marketing has become increasingly unpredictable. No one in 2010 could have expected the decade that was about to unfold. Luckily, marketing trends, especially in the digital sphere, are slightly easier to predict. Given the large amount of data available to us, it’s easier to know exactly which technologies, tools and tactics […]

How to Increase Your Cold Email Response Rate

Are you sick and tired of acquiring lists full of potential, high-quality prospects, devising a cold emailing plan, and having no one respond? What if you reach out again, will it be awkward? Is there any hope left to turn even just one of those prospects into a customer? Has all of the hard work and research you put into acquiring those email addresses gone to waste?

Not necessarily.

Nobody likes spam. Educate yourself on how to deliver the emails that your audience wants. Check out “The Anatomy of a Marketing Email”

How To Perfect Your Mails for Cold Email Outreach

Cold emails have become the go to method for most current marketing professionals with as many as 59% of B2B marketers confessing that email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.