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How To Avoid Spam Filters

There is nothing more exciting than sending out your first email marketing campaign or group newsletter - and nothing more demoralising than checking the report a week later and seeing how many people never even opened your mails.

Without a doubt, emails are regarded as one of the most personal forms of engagement in the modern scope of marketing efforts. Since all social media platforms and cloud-based activities, not to mention mobile applications, require email authentication of some sort, it is fair to assume that the world has conformed to emails as being the true form of establishing a digital identity.

How to use LinkedIn Effectively for Sales Prospecting

Recent statistics show that LinkedIn has over 260 million monthly users. 44% of users on this social media platform take home more than US$75 000 a year. Given this increased financial muscle, it makes sense for companies to use LinkedIn as a lead-generation tool to stimulate their organisation’s sales.

LinkedIn is an especially valuable tool for you to use to generate leads (or prospect for sales) if you’re in the business-to-business (B2B) space because a total of 61 million people on this platform are senior-level influencers.  40 million people can make buying-related decisions for their company.

Here are five effective ways of using LinkedIn as part of the lead generation strategy for your business.