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How to Build a Successful Relationship Between Your Digital Marketing Agency and New Clients

Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-growing industry.

It's a highly competitive, ever-growing sphere to work in - but of course, you probably know that.

Because of the industry's highly disruptive nature, client-agency relationships are fairly complex.

There are, however, smart ways to build a successful relationship between your digital marketing agency and any new clients you onboard.

It's all about setting realistic expectations, communicating, and staying as transparent as possible.

Sales Professionals: You Need to Understand Digital Marketing

Salespeople were the ONLY experts worth asking questions before deciding on a purchase. They were the gateway to purchasing wisdom before and after any sale went through.

It was a completely different world.

Things are different now.

People do their own research before making a purchase.

These days, everyone's an expert.

Selling is an entirely different game.

Omnipresent Marketing: The Ultimate Goal for Your Business

Is it possible to be everywhere at the same time?

For a regular person, no.

For a business’brand, yes.

Omnipresent marketing is a goal that all businesses should strive for.

You might think that creating killer content is all you need to do. The fact of the matter is that this is only half the battle.

A content distribution strategy is equally important. It’s what helps you ensure that all the right people see your brand in all the right places.

Become a Winner in the Relationship Marketing Game

To succeed in real estate marketing, you need to focus on long term goals.

That’s a fact.

Take your usual short term approaches (like a week long marketing campaign) and place them in a cobwebbed corner filled with other outdated ideas. The time for “quick solutions” has passed.

Going forward, it’s necessary to shift your mindset to a forward-thinking approach.

You’re in it for the long haul. Your marketing approach should reflect the same.

Relationship marketing is the way to go.

The New GoPinLeads is Here! Let's Get Ready to Rumble

It’s been 4 years of round-the-clock, hard work, blood sweat and tears.

But mostly it’s been about passion!

We’ve been hard at work to deliver you a whole new version of GoPinLeads.

It’s everything you know and love - just better. Way better.

What we have on our hands now - and what you’ll have in your hands shortly - is a more accurate, more user-friendly, totally clear and transparent new version of the tool.

Basically, it’s bad ass.

gopinleads new version december 2018

This fine-tuned version of GoPinLeads has been a long time coming.

I’m finally at my goal of delivering a tool that cuts down hundreds of manual search hours into just a few seconds.

This is what I set out to do: solve that major pain point all sales people have.

Frankly, this was my pain point too!

GoPinLeads is my solution to taking over 220 flights a year, putting my health, sanity, and family life at risk. It’s the Golden Chalice at the end of a long, hard road.

So, what can you expect in the new version of GoPinLeads?

This major upgrade ensures that you get to keep all the features you know and love… plus some nifty new improvements:

  • Improved accuracy and level of detail

  • Dedicated dashboard with your account details

  • Report history to keep track of all your past searches

  • Improved flexibility - choose to receive email addresses only or access all contact details in your search

  • Ability to change the email address to which your reports are sent

All of these features are packaged into a beautiful new interface. We’ve streamlined everything for an enhanced user experience.

There are a few other changes we are implementing too:

  • The tool will not be available on mobile - we've packed so much awesome stuff into the new GoPinLeads that only a bigger screen will suffice ;)

  • The extension for Google Search will be no longer be available.

  • Only upgraded users will be able to download their spreadsheets in Excel format.

Any changes we make are in the name of progress.

This update isn’t all that’s on the cards! There are so many other exciting things in store.

(Here’s a secret that nobody knows: we’re expanding GoPinLeads to include a whole bundle of additional tools… the kind that will transform your sales outreach into a force to be reckoned with!)

Our current users will all receive a pain-free update at no extra cost! It’s all about quality, baby!

We’re also offering a super special value deal for the first 30 users who sign up. Why suffer with FOMO when you could get 65% off our yearly plan?

Click here to get in on the ground floor of this early bird offer.