Twitter for B2B Marketing – It Heckin’ Works!

Ever considered using Twitter in your outbound marketing strategy but stopped yourself because you weren’t so sure about it?

Well, we’re here to set your mind at ease.

Start getting used to the idea of using Twitter because it might just become your new best friend.

Tackle Instagram Without Visual Content – Yes, It’s Possible

By now you already know that Instagram is rapidly becoming the most popular content marketing tool for many B2B firms.

You probably also know that compelling content is what drives this particular bus.

So, what do you do if your business lacks compelling visual content in general?

It’s really all about following a few key tips and using what you have.

Checking in at the Hive, Singapore to Talk About the Power of APIs

AI, API, machine learning… you’d be amazed at how powerful these can be when it comes to building tools for your own business.

I recently led a talk in Singapore where I highlighted some case studies from our own experience, showing how we’ve built some amazing tools for our customers.

Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Digital Agency

As a web designer, web developer, or digital marketing pro, you probably offer your clients email marketing setup as a service.

Why avoid it when dealing with your own sales process?

Email marketing is a fantastic tool for any digital agency – it’s time to start practicing what you preach.

Get Insta-Success: Create Instagram Captions for Your Business

Is Instagram a bit of a headache for you?

Have you given this valuable marketing tool a miss because you think it’s too much of a headache?

We’ve got some rad tips that show you how to make the most of your content marketing efforts by adding this platform to your mix of tools.

GDPR: Friend or Foe to Email Marketers?

GDPR. You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen the acronym around town, and you’re worried. We get it. Here’s why you shouldn’t be.

Ocean’s 15: Stealing Your Competitors’ Customers

Stealing your competitors’ customers is a genius way to make sure you’re getting qualified leads. Is it a little sneaky? Sure. But don’t you worry, you’re doing those clients a favour.

Hacking Quora Like a Pro: Part 3 – Let’s Get Answering

If you’ve managed to stick around all the way through this 3-part series, you’ll know it’s finally time for the exciting stuff – answering questions. After all, that’s what Quora is all about.  I’m not lying when I say this is my absolute favourite part. It’s feels AWESOME to have a couple knowledge bombs to […]

Hacking Quora Like a Pro: Part 2 – How to Find the Right Topics and Questions

Once you’ve taken the time to optimise your Quora profile, you can start searching for relevant topics and questions to answer. Before getting started, it’s worth considering what your ultimate goals are. Do you want to focus on traffic generation? Do you want to set yourself up as an authority in your sphere? Do you […]

Hacking Quora Like a Pro: Part 1 – Getting Yourself Set Up

When it comes to outbound marketing, you have to pursue every possible avenue – especially if it’s a free one. Social networking is a bit like a skeleton key – it unlocks more opportunities than you could possibly imagine. Gone are the days of stuffy exchanges, straight to the hard sell, hoping against all odds […]