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What Is Advanced Marketing Personalization and How Do You Use It

There is nothing that is more effective than in-person marketing. In a recent survey, 93% of respondents returned more favourable feedback for live events as opposed to television commercials. Digital marketing could be said to have the same hands-off approach to marketing that advertisements on television have, as both mediums do not involve the customer directly interacting with a salesperson.

However, the rapid advancement of technology has meant that tech whizz-kids have been able to develop systems for websites and social media that personalise a user’s experience with the company, without the need for a staff member to be on the other side of the computer. This type of technology is called ‘advanced marketing personalisation’ and, in this article, we will look at how you can make use of this in your business.

SEO Guide to Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile for More Connections and Better Leads - Part 3

Many LinkedIn optimization guides start and with at SEO, but that’s just the tip of iceberg. in part one and two, we covered profile aesthetic, profile copy, linkedin SEO, lead funnel, connections and recommendations and skills.

In part three, we’ll cover posting and content, engagement and analytics, as well as the results you can achieve through implementing the suggestions within this guide.

SEO Guide to Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile for More Connections and Better Leads - Part 2

As we mentioned in part one, LinkedIn optimization can help you to build connections with your industry’s best and brightest, and also help attract your ideal clients. In part one, we covered profile aesthetic, copywriting and skills, endorsements and recommendations.

In part two, we’ll be discussing LinkedIn SEO, building a profile lead funnel and smart connections.

SEO Guide to Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile for More Connections and Better Leads - Part 1

Nowadays, many marketers and business owners tend to treat LinkedIn like nothing more than online resume, instead of the powerful search engine it actually is.

LinkedIn optimization can help you to build connections with your industry’s best and brightest, and also help attract your ideal clients.

This guide will cover everything you will need to turn your LinkedIn profile into lead-generating, brand-building machine, from SEO and profile optimization to content and engagement.

Guess What? You Need a Content Strategy

How’s your content marketing panning out for you?

Do you have a strategy in place, or are you just flinging your stuff into the ether and hoping it’ll make an impact?

Too many people think that a blog post here or there will cut it. Maybe they’ll lengthen their posts a little to stretch beyond the 500-word mark. Maybe they’ll start sharing to their Facebook page a little more often (let’s say twice a week instead of once in a Blue Moon)

Here’s what you should know:

Your content is probably fine. It’s your strategy that bites the big one.

Simple Steps to Find Your Brand Voice

If someone saw your content on a different channel, or without your logo attached, would they know that it came from your brand? Without careful planning, you could end up with content produced in a jumbled assortment of tones and voices which may not use language consistently or provide a clear and consistent image of your brand.

More common in larger organizations and often exacerbated by external entities like agencies and freelancers, an inconsistent brand experience can nevertheless be a problem for businesses of all size.

Though some might think a brand that sounds human is more important than one with a consistent tone, a brand voice isn’t necessarily about sounding non-human: it just means creating a voice that is consistent, and positioning your organization as an authoritative and easily recognizable source of information for your area of expertise.

Facebook's Algorithm Hates You... But You Can Fight Back to Increase Engagement

Facebook is far from dead.

It grew another 18% in the last year alone, pushing it further ahead of any other potential competitor.

And people are still devoting at least an hour each day to checking out what their family and friends are up to.

The problem, though, is that the volume of content being published to Facebook continues to explode.

That means that the network has gotten even more aggressive in policing the information, filtering out the irrelevant stuff so that users aren’t completely bombarded the moment they sign in.

But that also means your ability to reach your own fans is fading. Facebook itself has even admitted you might not be able to reach any of them one day!

Fortunately, there are still a few steps you can take to reclaim the fans that you worked so hard to attract.

Omnipresent Marketing: The Ultimate Goal for Your Business

Is it possible to be everywhere at the same time?

For a regular person, no.

For a business’brand, yes.

Omnipresent marketing is a goal that all businesses should strive for.

You might think that creating killer content is all you need to do. The fact of the matter is that this is only half the battle.

A content distribution strategy is equally important. It’s what helps you ensure that all the right people see your brand in all the right places.

Social Selling: Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social spots for sales prospecting but not many people know how to go about it. There’s a stigma about LinkedIn that makes it seem less “friendly” than other platforms.

We show you that it “works if you work it”.