Best Lead Generation Tools for 2021

With as little manual outreach and tracking as possible, the best lead generation tools make it easy to catch quality leads. It is quite a challenge to create a scalable lead generation machine, however. So, it is incredibly satisfying when you get the unit rolling. There are hundreds of lead generation tools to choose from in 2021, and inevitably, some are better designed than others. In addition, because of overused tactics and a lack of more creativity, many of them no longer have the same ROI as they once did.

Email Marketing Lead Generation Tools

You can’t beat email marketing when it comes to online lead generation. The statistics show that most people accept emails from the companies they want to communicate with (even cold emails if they’re handled correctly and obey the rules). That makes software for email marketing among the best software for lead generation. Here are several services we suggest for email marketing.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best method for lead generation because it helps you to turn more visitors to your website into subscribers and paying clients. You can create eye-catching pop ups and other lead generation forms with its drag and drop creator, designed to offer the highest conversion rates.

OptinMonster comes with 50+ pre-built models that are amazing. And the best thing is that, at the exact right moment, you can show the right people your perfect bid. An offer is a marketing tool of the lead generation where, in return for an email address, you give something away for free. An eBook offers a good example.

With OptinMonster’s marketing characteristics for lead generation, you can create: 

Stunning popup forms for lead generation to improve your email list without any expertise in design and coding 

Targeted campaigns to view your lead capture forms and more at unique times or on a particular page 

Campaigns which function on any website and with any provider of email services

The marketing characteristics of OptinMonster lead generation mean that you only add the most active site users to your email list. And those are the subscribers who are most likely to become clients who pay.

2. TrustPulse

TurstPulse is the best notification plugin for Social Evidence. Adding notification of social evidence is one of the simplest, most powerful marketing strategies for lead generation.

– time anyone takes action on your web, TrustPulse will display a warning. An effective sales lead generation technique is to show recent purchases. Conversion has been shown to increase by 15 percent .

3. SeedProd

SeedProd is the best creator for landing pages. It enables you to create beautiful landing pages quickly without writing any code using a drag and drop editor.

SeedProd helps you to build sales pages, squeeze pages, pages coming soon, pages for launch, and pages for your site under construction.

A few SeedProd features are:

Live previews and version control: Change your content in real-time and preview your website with its live preview exactly as your visitors will 

Coming Soon, 404, and Maintenance Mode pages: You can place your website in the near future, 404, or maintenance mode with just one click, and go live whenever you’re ready. 

Compatibility with WordPress theme: It fits with every WordPress theme and lets you ensure that your website suits your brand.

4. WPForms

WPForms is a form builder that’s easy to use. It can be used to add basic lead generation forms to your website quickly. Other lead generation characteristics of WPForms include survey forms, quizzes, and surveys.

5. Constant Contact

Try Constant Contact if you have a bigger list, or simply want an alternative to MailChimp. In order to use this lead generation tool, you can get lots of support. To help you achieve success, Constant Contact rates highly for world-class service, comprehensive online training, and webinars.

6. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a full automation software for marketing that incorporates both email marketing services and SMS messages. They offer a drag & drop builder that can be used to produce emails that are highly engaging, create automated workflows, and segment users.

To get started with email lead generation, check out our email marketing guide once you’ve selected your email marketing tool.

Email Address Finder Lead Generation Tools

7. Hunter

Hunter is a helpful tool if you want to do a fast email scan. Only type in the domain, and the email address pattern will be identified. A trust rating is also included by Hunter, so you know if the email is likely to be right.

Pricing: Pricing for Hunter depends on the amount of requests that you make. For up to 50 orders, it’s free, then the price increases from there.

8. AeroLeads

AeroLeads has a Google Chrome plugin that lets you search for sales leads on LinkedIn, AngelList, and other networks. Add those to your AeroLeads account, and their company email addresses and other contact information will be found by this lead generation app. You’re able to begin reaching out, then.

9. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert promises to help you locate email addresses and check them. You can search for prospects with a CSV file in bulk. The tool also interacts with a large variety of applications for CRM. Which makes it simple to keep track of your efforts to generate leads.

Prospecting and Outreach Lead Generation Tools

10. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus is one of the tech tools in this roundup for multi-purpose lead generation. It helps you, while still benefiting from automation, to build and submit personalized emails. And based on answers to your past or current campaigns, it helps you identify your best sales leads for future outreach.

11. Hoovers

Hoovers claims that it is the largest commercial database in the world. To create targeted lists of new prospects, you can use it. To help you have more relevant interactions with those prospects, Hoovers contains company details. That helps you turn leads and sales into more prospects.

12. Datanyze

If you are in the technology industry, based on data about the technology your target customers are actually using, you will find sales leads. Datanyze guarantees that. It includes a tool for prospecting to help you quickly find contact information. Then you can export these to your management and follow-up CRM applications.

13. Lead Forensics

Often, just because you don’t know everybody who visits your site, you may miss out on good sales leads. By having contact information for anonymous website users, Lead Forensics aims to solve the problem. You can use lead scoring as well, so you spend time on those that are most likely to convert.

14. Growbots

Know the market that you’d like to target? From a database of more than 200 million contacts, Growbots can pick your best prospects. With the right decision-makers, you can quickly get in touch and follow up automatically. Growbots often include testing so that you can verify which methods are most successful.

15. conducts prospecting as well as outreach. It lets you locate emails for your prospects and check them. Then through a variety of models you can reach out to them. And you can track data on all interactions easily. Best of all, in order to get contact information automatically, it interacts with a variety of services.

CRM Lead Generation Tools

You will not do a roundup of lead generation applications without using customer relationship management tools (CRM). Throughout the sales pipeline, these devices allow you to link and keep track of opportunities and sales leads. Our picks are here.

16. HubSpot

There is a collection of free plans for HubSpot, and HubSpot CRM is just one of them. But this is a perfect way of arranging, monitoring and cultivating leads. It automatically monitors interactions and lets you and your sales team stay on top of what’s happening.

17. Pardot

Pardot is a well-known lead generation tool that allows you to handle sales leads and qualify them. That makes sure you always talk to the best leads. For improved contact with your potential clients, Pardot provides fine-grained segmentation and marketing automation.