gopinleads api


Our APIs are organized around REST (which can be used over nearly any protocol) and have predictable, resource-oriented URLs.

In order to use our APIs, you would require a GoPinLeads paid account.

They can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the function required. Search for information related to businesses, employees, or events. Find email addresses, physical addresses, contact numbers, social media profiles, website details, and more.


The following APIs can be used when searching for information related specifically to businesses. Find out more about a business’ claimed status, discover useful details including social media information, website urls, phone numbers, and email addresses.

🛠  Check Business Claimed Status

This API is used to check whether or not a business is claimed on Google. Often, visitor reviews contribute towards the creation of a user-generated business profile. Our API is able to discover whether or not the profile has been officially claimed and managed by the business owner.

🛠  Get Business Details by Name and Address

This API is used to find a full range of business details by inputting the name and address of the business in question.

Use this to gain access to the business’ website url, website metadata (site title and description), phone number, email address, and social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus.


These APIs can be used to source information related specifically to employees. Use business details, if available, or search using a set of carefully chosen keywords.

🛠  Show Total Employee Count

This API is used to find the number of employees working at a particular company.

Input the business’ name and location to receive the required employee count.

🛠  Search Employees by Keywords

This API is used to search for employees using specific keywords.

Input an array of viable keywords including industry type, location, and other related terms to find the desired employees.

🛠  Search Employees by Business

This API is used to search for employees in a specific business.

Input the business name and address, along with an array of related keywords to find the desired employees.