25 Unsung Heroes of Early-Stage SaaS Startups

Over the years, we have worked alongside some incredible software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. We understand how challenging it is to get started in this sphere. Sure, it’s blood, sweat, and tears in those early days. But it’s also inspiration, innovation, and excitement. It’s all about the end game, baby! 

We’ve built a list of some of the most amazing early-stage SaaS startups out there. These are people who deserve recognition based on their unwavering efforts in the digital sphere. 

Each of these heroes has been selected because they are very closely involved with Lifetime Deals (LTDs). LTDs help startups in raising money to build and grow their businesses. We’ve seen how active these people are in several online communities and social media groups – the feedback they provide to customers is invaluable.

In no particular order, here is our list of Unsung Heroes – people who deserve major kudos for their remarkable efforts:

  1. Donald Chan
    Donald Chan is a marketing and advertising expert who is intensely focused on helping B2B, technology, and healthcare companies grow with digital marketing.
  2. Jason Keyz
    Jason Keyz is a serial entrepreneur, rockstar commercial real estate broker and digital marketing expert. With experience and current business operations that span various industries and core focus on the real estate, security and SaaS/digital marketing sectors. 
  3. Jonathan Du Toit
    Jonathan Du Toit is a web copywriter, consultant and SaaS owner with a background in digital marketing and a strong focus on entrepreneurship.
  4. Rothman Ale
    Rothman Ale is a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing sphere, and has certainly made his mark within the industry. 
  5. Shane Rielly
    Shane Rielly, owner of Lonely Viking, helps SMEs to generate leads and sales by developing and optimising their websites and digital marketing efforts. 
  6. Mulyadi Subali
    Mulyadi Subali is a veteran in localisation and corporate communications with over a decade of experience. As a digital marketer, he has practical knowledge of the best practices associated with search engine optimisation, social media, and content marketing. 
  7. Rommel C. Caibal
    Rommel C. Caibal has extensive experience as a graphic designer, web designer, and online marketer. With over 15 years  of experience as a Creative Director and Online Business Developer, he is equipped with all the necessary skills to devise and implement powerful marketing strategies.
  8. Leo Koo
    Leo Koo is a growth hacker and web developer with more than a decade of valuable experience under his belt. His major aim is to build sustainable business models that generate wealth ethically whilst creating jobs and opportunities for others. 
  9. Tracey Lee Lorenson
    Tracey Lorenson is an experienced local government facilitator, speaker, and trainer. She combines strong practical advice with a sense of humour, pushing her clients ever forward on their path to success.
  10. Ayman Al-Abdullah
    Ayman Al-Abdullah’s strong background in product planning, quantitative marketing, lean startup principles, go-to-market strategies, and data science best practices make him a growth hacking specialist. 
  11. Olman Quesada
    Olman Quesada is involved in high-level strategy development, product analysis, and copywriting. As someone who strives to maintain strong relationships with existing partners, he’s all about helping hustler grow. 
  12. Jeff AppSumo
    Jeff is a business development manager who’s main passion lies in helping small businesses become big businesses. 
  13. Nick Christensen
    Nick Christensen has a strong background in digital marketing and strategy; focused on leading initiatives within search engine marketing, paid advertising, and web development/design project management. 
  14. Million Araia
    Million Araia is a digital marketing manager with extensive experience in PPC, paid advertising, inbound lead generation, social media marketing, and SEO.
  15. Brent Randall
    Brent Randall is a professional web designer and SEO marketing consultant. He offers a full range of services designed to provide clients with a more successful web presence.
  16. Michael Danson
    Michael Danson is a website development and content marketing specialist with a wealth of knowledge related to content writing and e-commerce.
  17. Rama S
    Rama is the co-founder of a platform that bridges the gap between spectacular SaaS developers and SaaS users. 
  18. Simon Rowe
    Simon Rowe is a software development manager with almost 2 decades of experience in his niche. He is highly capable and comfortable working with multiple technologies in small and large teams both onshore, offshore, and mixed.
  19. Aaron Krall
    Aaron Krall is a SaaS Enterprise sales conversion specialist who helps SaaS companies with enterprise clients worth more than $20k a year add an extra 2-3 sales a month without needing more traffic or changing their sales process.
  20. Federico Jorge
    Federico Jorge is a SaaS conversion copywriter who helps SaaS companies get more free users and turn those users into paying customers.
  21. Sampath
    Sampath is a growth specialist who helped more than 500 SaaS founders in 2016-17. He aims to support 2,000+ SaaS products by Jan 2019.
  22. Max Lim
    Max Lim is focused on empowering startup owners with the future-ready skills required to stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive marketplace.
  23. Sharon Evon
    Sharon Evon is a rising star in the world of digital marketing and SaaS startups. Based in Singapore she has amassed a wealth of sought-after knowledge in this sphere.
  24. Noah Kagan
    As the “Chief Sumo” at AppSumo, Noah Kagan displays remarkable interpersonal and problem solving skills. His strengths lie in brainstorming ideas, and developing them into something tangible – something customers will love. 
  25. Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar is a digital marketer, developer, and SEO expert who excels at all things related to internet marketing.