Digital Marketing Strategy – Email Marketing Tactics

There’s a reason that 93% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers make heavy use of email in their digital marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, email generates $38 for every $1 spent.

Although there are many, many new and exciting methods of keeping in contact with your customers, these stats show that you should still be using email as part of your digital marketing strategy.

In this article, we’ll take a look at email marketing tactics that can help you to generate marketing success.

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Short and Catchy Subject Lines

AWeber has found that 82% of the most successful email subject lines had 60 characters or less. This means that your subject lines follow certain principles to give them a higher chance of being read.

The 4U’s principle, developed by Michael Masterson, states that, in order to be successful each headline needs to be:

digital marketing strategy

  • Unique,

  • Ultra-Specific,

  • Useful, and

  • Urgent.

With your headline, you need to make sure that you give your readers a reason to open your email. You can do this by applying these four principles.

List Maintenance

Services like Gmail offer the ability to set up email addresses for free. As such, the trend has become for people to have multiple email addresses; different addresses for business, chatting with friends and family and online shopping.

People often don’t stick with one email address for long, which has the potential to impact your email marketing campaign. If your emails are not being delivered, this will increase the bounce rate for your campaign and cause your emails to be red flagged in future.

To avoid this happening, make sure that you regularly clean your email lists and remove all inactive addresses. This may significantly reduce your email list – depending on the number of inactive addresses you have on it – but you will be sending your emails to the correct people: those who will be opening it.

Mobile Optimisation

According to HubSpot, 46% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This means that you need to ensure that your emails are optimised for mobile views and not just for desktop. For example, if you’re going to insert pictures into your emails, make sure that they display correctly on both mobile and desktop screens. Most programs which send out bulk emails – such as MailChimp – have the option for you to test what your email will look like on both sizes of screens.

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Make Your Emails Stand Out

Research conducted by Statista indicates that the number of emails which are received and sent out, on a daily basis, will reach over 347 billion per day by 2022. The world is already suffering from information overload and this increase will only ensure that this overload becomes more onerous.

This means that to prevent your email campaign from being redirected to the recycle bin – without being read – you’ve got to make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

Earlier in the article, we took a look at how to make your subject line stand out with the 4U’s principle. Another way that you can make your email jump out at people scanning their inbox is by using the preview text feature. This is a summary of the email that is inserted at the very top of the body of your email. It will also appear when you hover your cursor over emails in your inbox.

So many digital marketers don’t use this very important feature and lose out on a way of convincing your audience to open their emails. It isn’t long so make sure that you take the time to fill this in.

Don’t Ignore the Millennials

By 2020, the collective spending power of millennials will be $1.4 trillion. In another report, it was stated that 68% of millennials respond well to promotional mailers and make a purchase based on these.

Given this massive buying power, you can’t afford to ignore millennials in your digital marketing strategy. Develop messaging that appeals to them, and take time to figure out what makes them tick.

Develop a Loyalty Programme

Everyone likes getting stuff for free which is why loyalty programmes are so powerful. However, in order for these types of programmes to be effective, you need to give people tangible rewards in exchange for them giving over their information. For example, in South Africa, First National Bank (FNB) has a loyalty programme called ‘eBucks’. For every R10 that you spend on your FNB card you get one eBuck. The bank has cleverly negotiated with their partners to allow eBucks holders to pay for essential items – such as groceries and petrol – with this virtual currency. This results in customers being incentivised to buy more on their cards because they can see tangible rewards from this.

There are many statistics that you can draw from your email marketing campaign. However, the mistake that many digital marketers make is judging the success or failure of a particular campaign by using one statistic in isolation, for example open rates.  Email marketing is definitely not dead. If it was, digital marketers would not still be using it as an integral part of their campaigns. However, if you don’t use best practices your email marketing campaigns won’t be successful. So take the time to scrutinise the statistics from you email marketing campaigns. See what people are responding positively to and what they’re skipping over. Use these insights to improve your digital marketing strategy!