How to Find New Clients (and Keep Them)

Here’s the biggest secret to winning new business: There is no ONE secret when you need to find new clients.

Face it:
Onboarding new clients that stick around takes time. It takes weeks (maybe months) of hard work, effort, and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Or rather, shortcuts won’t help you bag the customers you really want.

The three cornerstones of scoring new clients are simple:

  • Focus

  • Planning

  • Patience

It’s all about developing habits that will help you build a solid reputation.

Be Resourceful

Most full-service digital marketing agencies have a team of multi-talented employees on your staff who are able to tackle a wide variety of different tasks. Even if you specialise in one particular niche and don’t advertise an enormous host of services, chances are you might find the occasional client who asks for something you don’t actually offer.

For example, you might offer copywriting services and end up with a client who needs help with creating graphics for their social media. If you have someone on the team who would be great at it, grab the opportunity with both hands!

This is your chance to find new clients. If you spot a trend, build up a rapport with some freelancers in that particular niche. You’ll be able to offer a broader range of services without ever having to worry about your clients jumping ship to another agency.

Be an Expert… In Anything You Choose

To be a successful digital agency you need to fine tune your ability to adapt.

In order to be able to represent your client’s brand, you’ll need to develop a thorough understanding of their industry. It’s your duty to come to terms with the challenges your clients face as well as the processes they employ to overcome them. Take the time to research which tactics will work for your clients and which won’t. It’ll benefit you in the long run.

Tons of agencies out there choose to work only with clients in a specific field. This makes it easier to work out what each client actually needs. If they all face the same challenges, there’s not much extra research or effort involved.

The best agencies, however, are the ones who relish each new opportunity to do some research. They take the time to read industry reports, dig through interviews, poke around on websites and social media… They do everything they can to learn more, be better, and grow in their expertise.

If you immerse yourself in your client’s sphere, you’re guaranteed to find new clients going forward. Dedication is more valuable than you know.

Learn to Listen

Initial meetings with prospective clients are your chance to shine.

Too many agencies out there think that this means they need to show off their knowledge and expertise.

Honestly, these meetings are your chance to LISTEN.

The best agencies know that when it comes to landing a new client, listening really is more important than anything else.

Leave your impressive buzzwords and shop talk locked up. Let the client do the talking. Take the time to understand what they’re saying. Develop an understanding of what they need. Then do some real thinking. Evaluate what you can offer and how it will help. Only open your mouth when you’re sure you know which direction you need to head in.

Be Available

Here’s something you might not know:

When deciding on a digital marketing agency to handle their project, businesses take around 90 days to make their final decision.

90 days may seem like a long time but if you’re honest with yourself, you know it’s a pretty big decision for any company to make.

If you want to make the right impact, you need to answer emails promptly and return phone calls on time. There’s no room for you to start off strong and then slack off after a few weeks. The biggest mistake you can make is giving priority to your current clients while your prospective ones fall to the wayside.

As a strong digital marketing agency, you need to be good at communicating regularly with your clients AND your prospects.

If you need to delegate to achieve this balance, do it.

If you need to invest in marketing automation software to keep your communication levels up, do it.

You have to be on the ball all the time.

You’re in it to win it, so act like it.