How to Optimise your Real Estate Instagram Account for Lead Generation

We’ve previously covered why Instagram is such a great place for realtors to hang out and find new prospects. Let’s face it: it’s the bees knees of social media for the real estate industry right now. You’ve just got to make sure you use it properly. Like so many other things in the marketing game (and in life), IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT. Optimising your real estate Instagram account is nowhere near challenging but it does take a little time to get it done properly.

It’s a worthwhile time investment though, so let’s get right down to it.

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Step-By-Step Profile Setup

Convert Your Account to a Business Profile

Bottom line: you want insights; it’s the only way to know you’re heading in the right direction. Converting to a business account means that you’ll be able to see tons of details related to your traffic, clicks, charts, graphs, and your demographic data.

Add Keywords to Your Name

You need to provide upfront information when you’re setting yourself up for success. Let people know where you’re located, what you’re best known for, and what real estate niche you’re operating in. Adding 1 or 2 clever keywords to your real estate Instagram name can make a world of difference. You need to be more searchable.

Build Your Bio

If you want your bio to make an impact, you need to tell your audience what’s in it for them. Remember, this isn’t about you but rather about what you can offer your prospects.

Here’s a sample bio that could work:

“I help homeowners sell for the price they deserve, and help home buyers find their perfect space. Call or text me any time at xxx-xxxx.”

Your Profile Pic Should be Your Face (and On-Brand)

Social media is about personal connections, so a business logo or listing photo just won’t do the trick. People remember faces, people build trust with faces, people figure out who they like based on the face. Make sure your headshot is current (you’re aiming for your audience to actually recognize you here). You also need to make sure that your pic is on brand; so use the right background, wear the right clothes, and make it memorable.

Pick Your Colours, Fonts, and Content

You need to choose a colour palette and font that you can stick to. Over time, people will start to recognize your brand just by seeing your photos pop up in their feed. When people see similar photos popping up in their feed over time, they’ll instinctively want to click on them to see who’s behind them. Use the same filters, style of content, and branding over and over again.

Get Rid of Anything Off-Brand

You don’t want any inconsistencies. It’s a pain in the neck but you do need to go through your account and delete any posts that aren’t in line with your brand. Keep your focus on the right track and you’ll start attracting more of the right people.

Don’t Include Bland Images

As a real estate agent, you have access to some gorgeous photos. Use professional photos whenever you have them.

When you’re out and about and want to post pictures from your phone, make sure to take them from a good angle and use filters. All your photos NEED to be stunning. Period.

You can’t upload anything that doesn’t complement your brand. Use tools like Canva to add a splash of colour and to insert your logo whenever possible. This free tool has tons of awesome Instagram filters that you can use. It’s literally effortless.

What Content Should You Be Posting?

Business Branding

Let your audience in. Use this opportunity to showcase what you and your team are all about. Give them a glimpse into meetings, parties, dinners, open houses, successful deals, birthdays.. whatever, really. Make sure to create a story around these posts to really capture attention. Show off why your team is so amazing.

Real estate Instagram all about creating a brand that resonates with people. You need to have that personal touch if you want to get noticed.

 Behind the Scenes

Real estate sales in action are seriously trending. Just look at all the real estate shows on TV. If you want to build a following quickly, give the people what they want. Show them behind the scenes footage of your sales process, whether it’s a step-by-step staging process or the process of setting up for an open house. You can even show footage of people signing the dotted line once a deal is complete, or handing over homeowners’ new keys.

Be creative. Be unique. Above all, be interesting.

Personal Branding

You want people to trust you. In order for this to happen, they need to know and like you. Show them a glimpse of your life as a person AND a professional. It doesn’t have to be all real estate all the time. Show them photos of your hobbies and adventures, give them a quick view of your favourite lunch spots. Do something to humanize yourself. It’s more important than you can imagine.

Whatever you do, make sure to geo-tag your locations when you’re out and about. Remember, it’s about showing that you know and love the area too.

Sneak Peeks of New Listings

Use the stories feature for your real estate Instagram to link your listing photos together and use it as a stream to promote listings and events. Set the tone, tell a story, use a theme. Highlight your personal favourites, show off the unique features of each property… The sky’s the limit.

Because stories always show up at the top of the newsfeed of anyone who’s following you, they’re the ideal spot for some shameless advertising.

Tag the Location of Your Listings

Studies show that tagging a location can increase engagement on posts by almost 80%. That’s huge. Make geo-tagging an automatic part of your process and you’re going to see results. Instagram is as much a search engine as it is a social media platform – be sure to bear that in mind.  

Neighborhood Video Posts

A quick walk or drive around the neighbourhood can help you generate some great video content. No one likes an awkward silence, so take the opportunity to talk about the features of the neighbourhood that make it so idyllic. Show off the parks, shops, tree-lined streets… whatever you can think of.

 It’s all about staying fresh, staying relevant, and making sure you’re leagues ahead of your competitors when it comes to putting yourself and your brand out there. These tips will help you turn your real estate Instagram up to 11.