How to Improve Your Email Marketing

Want to learn how to improve your email marketing?

Not sure how to start creating campaigns that actually generate some viable leads?

Worried that you have all those email lists hanging around with nowhere to use them?

Well, shucks, we’re here to help!

We’re not ashamed to say we know what we’re doing. Heck, this is what our own business is built on.

We’re all about sharing the love, giving you tips, and making sure you’re as happy with your results as we are with ours.

how to improve your email marketing


When learning how to improve your email marketing, this step is unbelievably important.

You need to place an “unsubscribe” link in your emails or on your website, allowing them to remove themselves from your list on their own terms. You need trapped subscribers like you need a hole in the head.

It’s also a good idea to set up your list in such a way that it culls itself by removing subscribers who are clearly disinterested. If, after a particular number of messages there is zero response or action from the recipient, they should be deleted from the list.

You need to prevent your emails from becoming annoying to disinterested subscribers. It’s all about preserving your image and making sure your process is on the up and up.

It’s important to treat each reader in a way that mimics a real relationship. In your first email, ask for permission to send more.For your second email, dish out some info on discounts, products, and services they can expect in the future. In your third email and after, send the content you promised to provide them with.

Follow-through is incredibly important when it comes to email marketing. If you hint at something or tell your reader that you’re going to send them something useful, you’d better do it. Hollow promises will only dissuade people from wanting to do business with you in the future.


If you’re just going to fill up your emails with information about your products or services or products, don’t bother. No one likes to be continually bombarded with shameless sales plugs. It’s about as effective as a melted ice cube on a hot day.

You need to include tons of useful information in ALL your messages. You need to include things that will actually help your customers in some way.

Consider providing your readers with special content they won’t be able to find on your website. Whitepapers work really well. So do infographics, templates, worksheets and other useful freebies.

Special offers, coupons, and discounts that are only available to people on your mailing list are another great way to go.

Exclusivity is more important than you could possibly imagine. Everyone wants to feel special and it’s within your power to make it happen.

You’ve got the power. Use your email content to showcase your awesomeness.


If your email is the amuse-bouche the reader gets, your landing page is the entrée. When it’s no good, they won’t stick around for the main meal.

Quite obviously, if the subscriber has clicked on the link in your email, they’re interested in your product. Don’t disappoint them by leading them to a page that’s anything other than what they hoped it would be.

Think crisp, think clean, think clever. Make sure to remain in line with your branding – get your logo in place and use the right colours.

Your landing page should get to the point immediately but also be good to look at.

There are tons of great landing page builders out there that take the fuss out of the design process. You don’t have to be a total pro to make it work. We recommend Instapage, Wix, or Launchrock.


You need to strategically plan when your emails will go out.

People aren’t particularly keen on receiving emails at inconvenient times. If it’s work-related, especially, a midnight mail isn’t going to go down all that well.

If there’s something they need to act on quickly, and the email gets buried in a ton of other stuff, they’re probably not going to go back and dig around to find it. Try to get them while they’re guaranteed to be at their desks. It’s not an exact science, but you pretty much know what regular office hours are.

You need to be considerate. It’s that simple. Make your offers convenient and easy for people to take advantage of.


Don’t send your current clients or people you’ve already reached out to a welcome mail.

Don’t send a valued customer gift to someone you haven’t even connected with yet.

Tailor your messages to the right people.

Email marketing, as we’ve said before, is all about building relationships. You need to have a rapport with your subscribers or all you’re really doing is throwing some text out into the ether and hoping for the best.

Make your audience feel important and valued by remembering who they are, what you’ve said to them before, and what type of content will actually be beneficial to them.

There’s nothing nameless or faceless about the modern sales approach – and that’s something you need to remember at all times.

YOU are your business and your business is YOU.

That’s how your subscribers will see it. That’s how you need to operate to succeed.

Relationship building relies solely on the honesty and quality of your content. People can spot a shameless plug a mile away and they don’t appreciate it.

Don’t let your emails be the slimy handshake of the business world.

Let them be the warm welcome, hearty clap on the shoulder, and obvious wish to be helpful instead.

We hope these tips will help as you learn how to improve your email marketing.