10 Ways To Generate Sales Leads and Stay Ahead of the Competition

One of the greatest challenges faced by digital marketers nowadays is finding ways to generate sales leads.

This is because the target market needs to possess certain characteristics, such as a desire for your product and pockets that are deep enough to fulfill those desires. Whatever marketing strategy you use also needs to make your product or service more attractive to your potential customers than that of your competitors.

Below, we’ve outlined 10 simple strategies that you can use to generate sales leads.

1. Email Marketing and Communication

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods used by digital marketers. This is because emails allow for one-on-one, personalised communication with prospective clients, which is something that most other forms of marketing often lack. The key here is to send useful information to prospective clients, without ending up in the spam box. Sending customers useful information can prompt them to subscribe to any newsletters you may have available, which could help you to generate sales leads. However, you cannot always guarantee results.

2. Facebook Messenger Marketing

This form of marketing has quickly become a serious competitor to email marketing. This is because email marketing has the limitation of requiring the information of potential leads, whereas Facebook allows for conversations to be started with potential leads without needing too much information about them. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users worldwide and the information required to access these users is conveniently stored with Facebook. This means that through the use of your Facebook chatbot or personal account, you are able to get clients to simply click a button if they want to sign up for your services.

3. Use Exit-Intent Popups on your Website

This method is quite contentious, as some clients may find it annoying.

Exit-intent popups are popups that appear as a client is about to leave your website.  Think of this method as your “last call”, as it could either annoy the client or get them to reconsider leaving the site without taking action. It should never be considered as a primary method of marketing. Finally, you should save the pop-ups for the most important pages on your website, so as to prompt the potential client to stay, as opposed to making the popups the only reason for the client to stay.

4. Get in Touch with Thought Leaders

Getting in touch with thought leaders is an excellent way to guide conversations in the direction that you want them to flow. This would require getting in touch with prominent authorities in your industry and asking them to discuss the in’s and out’s of your domain. This will be a clear demonstration to your potential clients that your business cares about its clients and is focused on solving their problems.

5. #FOMO!!

The infamous “Fear Of Missing Out” is a real pandemic into today’s world that can be used to your advantage. This tactic feeds on scarcity and makes potential clients feel like they are missing out on an opportunity that they may never have the chance to take advantage of again. People want things that it can’t always have. Because of this, FOMO plays directly on the human psyche. FOMO should not be used as a consistent marketing mechanism, because if potential clients are under the impression that every deal that you have on offer has a time limit, then none of your deals are really special. This method should only be used when there are genuinely limitations to your offer, such as limited stock or time.

6. Youtube Channels and Podcasts – Problem Solving

Videos are a highly effective mechanism to engage with clients. On average, a YouTube session can last 40 minutes. The ability of videos to retain client’s attention span for that long has resulted in other social media platforms opting to use videos to grab and keep the client’s attention. An effective way to use videos is to create content that can help potential clients resolve any issues that they may be facing in their daily operations. You can also use these videos on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Doing so further increases the chances of lead generation and conversion.

7. Lead Magnets

This form of marketing presents itself as a prompt that requests your information whilst you are active on a website. Lead magnets are incentives that companies offer to their clients in exchange for their information. Whitepapers and ebooks are a prime example of the type of content people are usually willing to part with their details for. Chatbots use the same method. A prompt appears for clients to provide their contact information before commencing their conversation with the chatbot.

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8. Heat Maps and Data Driven Marketing

In today’s world, your potential clients have little patience for things that don’t interest them. They often visit websites to look for specific information, leaving the website thereafter. You can use screen monitoring software to observe where visitors spend most of their time on your page. This also shows where they tend to lose interest. Thereafter, you can place your call to action strategic at the identified “hot spots”. You can also keep all of the information that doesn’t directly influence them at the bottom of the page. This way, you can ensure that the important information is viewed first.

9. Quizzes

Quizzes have recently become a favourable way to increase lead generation. This is because they collect data from the client in a unique and interactive way. What makes it even better is that it is not a mainstream method just yet. The sooner you take advantage of it, the better.

10. Host Seminars/Webinars

Hosting seminars and webinars can be an effective and interactive method to generate sales leads and convert them. They can address industry based issues, or product related issues. Meeting and interacting with potential clients is one of the most effective methods to convert leads into clients. The increased interaction with your potential clients gives them the opportunity to get to know you. This could possibly be the factor that attracts them to the idea of working with your company.

You can utilise these lead generation methods individually or in conjunction with one another. With the right intentions and purpose, you can achieve all of your business goals. So apply these tips today and watch your business grow beyond your wildest expectations!